From concept development to fulfilment, including printing and distribution, we devise all your corporate, event-related, institutional, industrial or commercial projects from A to Z. For more than 15 years, we have created compelling customized communications for your projects through our recognized expertise in graphic design and in print and digital production.

Whether for brochures, labels, business cards, advertising signs, banners or Web animations, our team of creative, versatile graphic artists will produce spectacular content for you, in print and Web formats.

Our team

Charles-Étienne Goyette
Account manager and founding partner

An urban man of the woods, equally comfortable with an axe or a mouse, he’ll get your projects on the right track.

Telephone: 514-842-3992 ext. 220

E-mail: @cegoyette

Sébastien Guérard
Account manager and founding partner

After months of hard work, I can assure you that it’s easier to produce a good logo than a good cheese.

Telephone: 514-842-3992 ext. 221

E-mail: @sguerard

Cynthia Lepage
Project manager

You’re thinking of producing or creating a little something? For sure, she’ll know how to do it. If not, she’ll find out how!

Once known for her untamed nature, at work and in person, she has acquired the nickname “Multidisciplinarity.”

Telephone: 514-842-3992 ext. 232

E-mail: @cynthia.lepage

Viviane Rouleau
Project manager

There’s music, and there’s laughter. Just what it takes to make life sweet!

Telephone: 514-842-3992 ext. 231

E-mail: @viviane.rouleau

Carolina Espinosa
Graphic designer

Living as a hermit behind her screen and her huge earphones, Carolina has a passion for graphic design and illustration.

At the sound of a podcast, she immerses herself in creation, whether for a business card or a mural on Sainte-Catherine Street.

Telephone: 514-842-3992 ext. 226

E-mail: @carolina.espinosa

Céline Couvert
Graphic designer

“Without passion, there is no art.” – Matisse

Telephone: 514-842-3992 ext. 230

E-mail: @celine.couvert

Frédéric Guindon
Graphic designer

“Regardless of your bike, the main thing is the goal.”

Telephone: 514-842-3992 ext. 223

E-mail: @frederic.guindon

Jonathan Bertrand
Graphic designer

A vegan at home but a carnivore at the office, Jonathan is a fan of martial arts and a black belt in the intake of scotch.

Telephone: 514-842-3992 ext. 222

E-mail: @jonathan.bertrand

Marie-Andrée Massé
Graphic designer

The mother of two adorable girls, Marie-Andrée is a great perfectionist in her work as well as in producing her mojitos!

Telephone: 514-842-3992 ext. 227

E-mail: @marie-andree.masse

Maude Savard
Graphic designer

“Creativity is intelligence having fun.” – Einstein

Telephone: 514-842-3992 ext. 225

E-mail: @maude.savard

Violette Grimoin
Graphic designer

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication." Leonardo Da Vinci

Telephone: 514-842-3992 ext. 228

E-mail: @violette.grimoin

Marjolaine Lefranc
Graphic designer

“"I see trees of green, red roses too.I see them bloom [...] And I think to myself what a wonderful world."." Louis Armstrong

Telephone: 514-842-3992 ext. 224

E-mail: @marjolaine.lefranc